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Transfer of a Gambling Premises Licence guidance notes Transfer of a Gambling Premises Licence guidance notes This page gives you information on how to apply to transfer a premises licence under the Gambling Act 2005. You will find details on how to apply including the application form, the fee payable, and any additional supporting material that must accompany your application. Transferring a Premises Licence | Bathnes Before any application can be made for the transfer of a Premises Licence, an application for a relevant Operating Licence must have been submitted to the Gambling Commission. Further details on Operating Licences and Personal Licences are available direct from the Gambling Commission at or telephone 0121 230 6666. Transfer of a premises licence | Gambling Premises licence ... Gambling Premises licence Transfer of a premises licence. When control of an existing licensed gambling premise is to change to a different operator, it is necessary to apply to us for the transfer of the licence. What you need to do. You must make the application to us if the premises is situated within the borough of Wandsworth.

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Gambling Premises Licence | Transfer Fee An application for a Gambling premises licence may only be made by any persons (which includes companies or partnerships)Adult Gaming Centre Premises Licence.The licensing authority will serve a notice of its decision on the applicant, any person who has made relevant representations and... Gambling Premises Licence Fees 2018 Variation Transfer of of Licence Licence. Reinstate-ment. Provisional Statement.Adult Gaming Centre Premises Licence Family Entertainment Centre Premises Licence Betting Premises (General) Licence.

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The Gambling Act 2005 (Premises Licences and Provisional ... 4. Plan to accompany applications for a premises licence 5 5. Documents to accompany applications for a converted premises licence 7 6. Written statement to accompany applications for a casino premises licence 7 7. Form and content of applications to vary a premises licence 7 8. Form and content of applications to transfer a premises licence 8 9. Guidance for Gambling Premises Licence Transfer/Reinstatement

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Gambling: Subsidiary Legislation A licensee may make an application to the Authority for a duplicate gambling establishment licence, in Form 4 set out in Schedule 1, upon payment of the fee prescribed under Schedule 14, where the original licence is lost, mutilated or …